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BTS Beach Tour

BTS bus stop + 'Butter' beach +
local market

This course includes the most famous beaches for BTS filming locations such as BTS bus stop and 'Butter' album photoshoot location. Explore these popular spots with a comfortable minivan, and no-rushing schedule!

Bus or minivan

10 hours

6~15 people

Wed, Sat, Sun


Departure from
Sports Complex station Exit. 2


Gapyeong Service Area

- A service area that Jungkook had

   snacks  in his camping v-log

- 25 minutes rest


Hyangho Beach

- 'Spring Day' filming location 
   (a.k.a. BTS bus stop)

- 1 hour


Gangneung Central Market 🍴

- Lunch for an hour


Maengbang Beach

- 'Butter' album photo filming location 

- 1 hour


Arrival at Sports Complex station

Mintuning | Your trip mate

- Can't live without BTS! 8th year of ARMY
(I'm ot7, but I love Suga a little more 😊) 

- Would you like to go to birthday event with me? I am a veteran✨

- Meeting and playing with ARMYs is the pleasure of my life! 
Let's be together💜


Pick a Nickname
When the trip begins, 
there is time to write nicknames on name tags and introduce each other. 
Wouldn't an intimate journey start with getting to know each other?

Quiz winners have priority in selecting goods
Startrip rents out goods during your trip. 
For those who answer a lot of simple quizzes, 
we will give you a choice of your bias' goods in advance! 
But don't forget that yielding is a virtue!

A special gift for the first lucky draw winner
Startrip prepared it because we wanted to leave more special memories 
for those who came on a trip. 
In addition to the basic travel gift of 'two transparent photo cards', 
a 'BT21 doll' will be presented to one person through a lucky draw. 
Choose your bias doll among the 7 members' ones.


Guide and driver fees, transportation, 3 Polaroid photos, water, name tag, 2 random transparent photo cards, rental of goods to take beautiful pictures

Not Included
Personal meal expenses, travel insurance, and other personal expenses


| Departure from Sports Complex Stn.  Meeting point [7:00]
Meet at Sports Complex Station (종합운동장역) Exit 2.
|  Gapyeong Service Area  [7:45 - 8:10]
This is Jungkook's camping vlog filming location. The BTS beach tour also fills the rest areas with BTS spots. Try the whirlwind potato and sweet potato sticks that Jungkook ate.
| Hyangho Beach  [10:00 - 11:20]
Hyangho Beach, the #1 BTS tourist destination chosen by ARMYs around the world, is famous for its BTS bus stop. BTS shot the album photo for 'You Never Walk Alone'. Enjoy the scenery of Hyangho Beach and the blue East Sea leading to Jumunjin Beach. Be sure to leave lively photos with the goods prepared by Startrip.
| Gangneung Central Market  Lunch [12:30 - 12:50]
Have free time to eat at Gangneung Central Market, which is full of food. Homemade fish cake croquettes, Gangneungdang coffee bean bread, kimchi rolled pork belly, squid sundae, chicken gangjeong, Gangneung sand, etc. It fills your stomach and is full of travel food, so it's a lot of fun to see. If you want to eat at a restaurant, we recommend Jangkalguksu or Ongsimi restaurant inside the market.
| Maengbang Beach  [13:30 - 15:00]
If you have filled your stomach, head over to Samcheok and meet Maengbang Beach! 
Maengbang Beach, which reproduces the 'Butter' album photo as it is, is thrilling as you see a parasol. Take pictures following the poses of BTS members in sunbeds and various photo zones.
| Arrival at Sports Complex Stn.  End of tour [18:30]
Arrive at Sports Complex Station (종합운동장역).


Rental of various goods

BT21 official dolls, photo props, etc.

Rental of various goods

BT21 official dolls, photo props, etc.

The most effiecient tour

cheaper price and more efficient itinerary related to public transport

The most effiecient tour

cheaper price and more efficient itinerary related to public transport

Free polaroid photos

3 polaroid photos are given

Free polaroid photos

3 polaroid photos are given

Real ARMY local guides

All the tour mates are real ARMY!

Real ARMY local guides

All the tour mates are real ARMY!



・ Reception will be completed only when payment is completed at the time of reservation.

・ Guests who have completed the reservation process will receive a notification email the day before departure.

・ If you wish to make a reservation one day in advance, please make sure to contact us before applying. Reservations on the same day are not possible.

・ Travel confirmation will be confirmed 3 days prior to the travel date.

・ If the tour is canceled due to insufficient number of people, you will be notified 3 days in advance.



・ Please frequently use the hand sanitizer provided in the vehicle. 
・ Wearing safety gear is mandatory.

・ Meals and other personal expenses are not included in the tour price. (Check what is not included above) 
・ Course schedule and duration are subject to change. 
・ Pets are not permitted on the tour
・ Smoking, drinking and loud singing are strictly prohibited on the bus.
・ You can freely sit in the car seat in the order you arrive in the morning.
・ All reservations and information will be contacted by the representative.
・ Compensation is not available in cafe of theft/damage of belongings caused by negligence during the trip. Please keep your valuables with care. 
・ Depending on the number of people on the reservation, the vehicle may be changed to van or bus.

Q. Can I spend free time at the tour location?

Yes. Except the time for the guide to take photos, it will be given at Hyangho Beach, Gangnueng Central Market, and Maengbang Beach.

Q. Can I take a Polaroid with any composition I want?

Yes. Although the mate recommends spots for every place, you are free to take pictures in other locations.

Q. What if I am late for the meeting time?

You are supposed to meet in time, but if you are late for unavoidable reasons, we can wait for you max 10 minutes if you contact us in advance. If you are late without notice, you will not be able to participate in the tour and a full refund will not be issued.


・ 3 days prior to the start date of the tour : Full refund
・ 2 days prior to the start date of the tour : 90% refund
・ 1 days prior to the start date of the tour : 70% refund
・ If notified from the day of travel to the start of the tour : No refund

BTS Beach Tour

BTS bus stop + 'Butter' beach + local market

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61.90 USD 

/ 1 person